How much can I bring to Nigeria?

There is no limit to the amount of money you can bring to Nigeria; however, you must declare currencies in cash and jewelries in excess of $10,000 at the airport using the currency declaration form.

What currency is used in Nigeria?

The official legal tender and currency in Nigeria is the Nigerian Naira (NGN). It comes in notes of N1,000, N500, N200, N100, N50, N20, N10, and N5. Although the Nigerian currency has some coin denominations N1, 50kobo, 20Kobo, 10Kobo and 5Kobo, the coins are hardly used and most retailers may not accept them.

What is the exchange rate?

The exchange rate of the Naira against major currencies fluctuates. The official exchange rate can be found here while the parallel market rate can be found

What Language is spoken in Nigeria?

Although Nigeria has over 200 distinct languages, English is the official language; Yoruba is spoken widely in the South Western Region, Hausa in the Northern Region and Ibo in the South Eastern region. Pidgin English is also widely spoken.

Are Credit Cards accepted in Nigeria?

Nigeria is still cash driven economy, all major credit and debit cards (mastercard, Visa, UnionPay, Diners Club, Discovery and JCB) are accepted on Automated Teller Machines (ATMs) and POS in major Nigerian cities. Additional surcharges may apply on international cards.

Where can I change foreign currency?

Visitors may change currencies at approved Bureau De Change in the airport, banks or at hotels. Care must be taken when patronizing informal parallel market currency sellers.

Can I use my mobile phone in Nigeria?

Nigeria uses the 2G, 3G and in some places 4G GSM system. CDMA phones may not work. Your operator may allow roaming when abroad; this comes at significantly higher cost as you will be required to pay for receiving calls, in addition you will have to pay higher for international calls. It is cheaper to purchase a SIM locally and top up credits. Please be sure your phone is not locked to a network provider, if it is, you may need to buy a SIM free mobile phone that is not locked to a specific network provider, buy a SIM and top up with credit.

What are the major telecommunication network providers in Nigeria?

There are 4 major telecommunications providers in Nigeria: Airtel, Etisalat, Glo and MTN. All of them have coverage across Nigeria.

How can I get a SIM card?

Nigeria Communications Commission regulation stipulates that all SIM cards must be registered before they are activated. You can buy a SIM card from any of the major telecommunications providers and register immediately at the airport. You will need to provide your international passport to register your SIM card.

How do I access the internet?

The easiest way to access the internet is by purchasing an internet bundle from one of the telecommunications providers. Internet packages are also available from internet service providers. You may visit the following links on options available.

What type of adaptor plug do I need to bring to Nigeria?

Adaptor Plug for type G British BS- 1361 is suitable for Nigeria. The electrical current is 220 to 240 volts, AC 50Hz.

Is it Safe to Drink Tap Water?

No! We advise that visitors purchase bottled water from big brands as they are safer for consumption.

What are Value Added Tax and Consumption Tax?

Value added tax (VAT) is the tax charged on the provision of any service or purchase of any goods. It is 5% of the total value of the goods or service. Consumption tax is applicable in Lagos state and is charged by eateries and hotels. It is also 5% of the total amount of good purchased.

Can I bargain prices?

Yes! It is customary to bargain prices in Nigeria in informal settings.

Is tipping a Norm in Nigeria?

Most people expect a tip whether they have served you or not. They would beg you for money openly or stylishly.

Can I receive or send money in Nigeria?

Yes! You can receive and Send money through the major international money transfer operators like Western Union, MoneyGram or Ria. These outlets are available in partner banks

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