Accommodation in Nigeria is readily available, whether you want a budget hotel or a 5 star hotel; most cities have a befitting room that will cater for your accommodation needs. In some cities AirBnB is available. Some cities also have great serviced apartment that can cater for a whole family or travelling couples on holiday.

Moving Around

Nigeria may be vast but moving around isn’t a problem, if you are travelling a long distance, you may book one of the local airlines (from West to North or West to East). If you have some time, a road trip is an opportunity to soak in the beautiful scenery of Nigeria; you can hire a car of board a Coach or Mini Bus. To access public transport, you will need to pay at cash or buy a ticket at the bus terminal.

Sight Seeing

Nigeria has lots of beautiful places to see and countless tour operators taking travellers to different places popular among which are Badagry, Olumo Rock, Ogbunike Cave and Idanre Hills. Some of these locations can be visited alone by hopping on a bus.

Mobile Phone and Internet Access

Mobile phones are wide spread in Nigeria and readily available. They are the most accessible means of accessing the internet. Some hotels have free wifi. The quality of the internet in some rural places may not be as strong as in the cities.