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Ekiti state was carved out of the territory of the old Ondo State and was created as a state on the 1st of October, 1996 under General Sani Abacha. The State accounts for 1.7% of Nigeria’s total population. The people of the state are majorly Yoruba with the same dialect, and has 16 Local Government Areas Ekiti is naturally endowed with numerous natural resources which include granite, kaolin, columbite, iron, ore, gemstone, limestone, gold and many others which are largely deposited in various towns in the state.
Lagos (meaning lakes) was created on May 27th, 1967 and consists of four islands; Lagos Island, Victoria Island, Ikoyi and Iddo. It has 57 local government areas, and was the capital of Nigeria until 1991. It is known as the 'Centre of Excellence', as it is the commercial nerve-centre of Nigeria, having more than half of its industrial investments. It is a Yoruba speaking, south-western state, but the population consists of people from all tribes in the country and many different nationalities.
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